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Transition is not a single event.

It is a gradual process during which your young person will be supported throughout their teenage years and into adulthood to achieve their Preparing for Adulthood outcomes, increase their life skills and develop independence. The process should begin from age 14 and this will tie in with the Year 9 EHCP annual review.

A good transition should build on your child’s personal strengths and planning must focus on their aspirations, interests and needs.

It should also involve you as parents/carers, and support you to understand the changes in your rights as carers as your child reaches the legal age of adulthood. The legal age of becoming an adult is 18 years across England. The age at which your child enters adult services is likely to vary depending on where you live and what is available locally, your child’s condition, and your circumstances. There will be multiple transitions to organise between different specialists and services, often with differing age criteria.

The Preparing for Adulthood Champion (PFA) can provide a link between home and adult services as well as onwards provisions and liaise with all professionals involved to keep the process moving. This preparation ensures a smooth transition and reduces the difficulties around leaving child services.

Claremont hosts an annual ‘Moving On’ event, where students and families can meet with local Educational and Social Care providers as well as support services from Health and Social care.

Throughout the year the PFA champion along with the Family Link Worker arrange a series of 'coffee mornings' on a variety of subjects pertaining to this particular stage of life.

The PFA will guide you through this process and once a placement had been agreed, we will begin a period of transition. This will be tailored to the individual student and will reflect the level of need required. The PFA will liaise with the new provider, home and school to provide up-to-date information to facilitate smooth transition.

The PFA will follow-up with students for up to a year when they leave Claremont, this provides an opportunity to forge better links with adult providers as well as reassure parents that all is well for their young person.

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