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Welcome back to Term 3!

Happy new Year and welcome back to the start of term 3. We really do hope you have had a great holiday and were able to have a great Christmas with your children and loved ones. We are so excited as we have excellent fun activities planned and more chances to have fun in our class. As a school we are continually assessing the situation around Covid-19 and monitoring things closely as always.  

We are changing topics now for this term and we will dive into the exciting world of fashion. The children will be learning about different clothing, becoming designers and taking part in a fashion show. We have a mannequin in our classroom that the children will be dressing up regularly. We have taken to calling him Bruce! 

We are continuing our work with the Bristol Bears with this term focused around target games. Music therapy still continues 1:1 in school and we will continue to make use of the spaces to aid and support learning as much as possible.  

As always we will continue to provide opportunities for the children to do their physical programs and continue to offer hydrotherapy as much as we can.

Our RSHE focus for this term is continuing to ‘keep safe and looking after ourselves’, so we will be providing lessons looking at these key aspects and helping the children understand the importance of looking after themselves, but also understand the world we are in and how we are currently dealing with COVID. 

The times for the bubbles for the secondary classes are as follows:

We are continuing to work safely in isolation as a class, but using the powers of Zoom to try and work collaboratively with other classes as well. 

Wednesday 16th February: Secondary Catwalk show! - More details to follow shortly.