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Many of our students will go on to college or social care placements. Our careers programme helps to prepare students for this transition. 

Lessons will prepare students for adulthood, according to their individual pathways, where appropriate, our students will have access to work experience programmes.

Each student will follow a pathway that is in line with their own aspirations for the future.

Please see below our new and exciting careers education programme which is about our dreams and hopes for the future. 

Careers Programme

Claremont Careers Programme Sept 22

Community Partners

We have the privilege to work with a range of local and national organisations who support our pupils in their aspirations and offer real life work experience opportunities. 

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If your business or organisation would like to get involved with us at Claremont School we would love to hear from you!  Please see contact details at the bottom of this page.

Careers Gallery

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Careers Fair

All students from year 9 to 14 have the opportunity to experience the careers fair with their parents or carers once a year. We have a range of providers and colleges that attend and have key speakers that share their provision and what they can offer. This then supports the decision making process for post claremont life and what this means for our students in the future. Lots of our students enjoy exploring the stalls and speaking to the providers that attend.

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Gatsby Benchmark Report

The Gatsby Benchmarks were developed on behalf of the Gatsby Foundation by Sir John Holman. They define what world class careers provision in education looks like and provide a clear framework for organising the careers provision at your school or college. Each of the 8 bench marks are scored out of 100.

Gatsby Benchmark Report

Alumni Information

Leavers Year Social Care College/ Further Education
2019-2020 20% 80%
2020-2021 0% 100%
2021-2022 40% 60%

 Our son had 16 wonderful, fulfilling and enriching years at Claremont beginning when he was 3 years of age and stayed on until 19. When our son started we didn’t know what to expect as we felt overwhelmed by the circumstances but we were supported throughout his time at Claremont. Claremont school became literally a family to us as we related very well with all staff and anyone involved with Claremont as a service provider. We felt very welcomed, we were listened to and we were supported every step of our son's journey. There were a lot of things we thought our son couldn’t do but we were pleasantly surprised how Claremont have equipped our son with vital life skills. Claremont programmes are tailored to individual needs and we can boldly say our son gained a lot from that and this has enabled him to meet most of the targets set. Claremont gave us the opportunity to express ourselves either through communication book, voice (Voca) recording, phone interaction and regular parents evening where we were able to discuss holistically anything that have to do with our son’s achievements, set targets and plans for the future and also our personal welfare in coping with the situation. We also had the opportunity to discuss the way forward at annual review sessions where all professionals involved in the care plan for our son participated. The staff at Claremont are very caring and we felt very comfortable leaving our son in their care. Claremont engaged our son in any activity be it going to local shops, places of interest, Christmas fayres, summer fayre or any outdoor activity of interest or that might be of benefit to him. Claremont was proactive and involved us along the way in terms of therapy that be of benefit to him. To add to this, even when we needed support, be it at the hospital or in the community or at home we have always had the help of Claremont staff going above and beyond to support us. We are so much indebted to Claremont that words cannot describe. We can confidently say whatever benefit, help and support our son gained whilst at Claremont would surely be granted your ward.

from a Claremont Alumni Parent

Provider Access Statement

Provider Access Statement 

Contact details

For more information, please contact:

Contact Marcia Shingfield, Post 16 Lead: 01173 533622 or by email: marcia.shingfield@claremontbristol.org.uk  

Contact Nick Sampson, Careers Governor:  n_sampson@cksf.org.uk