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Claremont Special


Welcome back to Term 1!

We do hope you enjoyed the summer and had some family fun together. We are very excited to start the new school year, bringing together old and new friends to form our class, P4.


For the first two weeks of term the theme is: ‘This is me.’ A great theme to get to know each other and settle back into learning and routines.

Week 3 is Engagement week. This is a week of motivating and engaging activities as a means for teachers to review and update engagement profiles and ensure learning opportunities are relevant and highly engaging.

The remainder of the term we will then focus on our main theme: ‘Seasons.’ We will explore the changing seasons as well as some of the seasonal festivals celebrated throughout the world.

Therapists working with P4

Therapists continue to visit our bubble on a weekly pre-arranged basis and can be contacted directly on the provided emails with any questions or concerns.

Physiotherapist:  Alexandra.wilson15@nhs.net

Occupational therapist: Rebecca.grant20@nhs.net

Speech and Language therapist: nicki.watts1@nhs.net

Hydrotherapy and Rebound Therapy

This provision is being reviewed, following the latest guidance, and information will be sent out to you in due course. We can’t wait to provide these opportunities again.


Earwig is the assessment and record platform used throughout school and parental access is gradually being rolled out. Access information will be provided shortly.

Covid and illness

The latest risk assessment is on the website and masks and relevant PPE remain in place throughout school.

Please follow the latest guidance on the website should your child or a member of the family become ill.

Home school communication

As always please use the main school number, email, or home-school diary with any questions or updates throughout the week. We always love to see a photo from home which you can email to us, and we like to listen to news from home on our VOCA’s together as a group.

P4 Team