Claremont School

Outreach .. what we've been doing recently

Claremont Outreach have welcomed a whole new group of pupils this year, 2 pupils from within Claremont and 2 from local mainstream schools. They are settling in well, working very hard and enjoying the activities that they have carried out so far.

This term in Outreach we started our unit on Fact and Fiction. In Maths we have been focusing on data collection and conducting surveys and tally charts around the school. Last week we conducted a survey of our own choices. We had all sorts of questionnaires being asked around the school, including people's favourite game shows, animals, hobbies and even ice cream flavours! Next we will be presenting our findings using pictographs and bar charts.  





Meanwhile in Literacy we have all become poets! The students have excelled in writing some fantastic poetry using, rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeic words.

Our first poem 'If I should read a book’ was inspired by a 'Publish your poem' competition in which schools could submit students poetry inspired by the topic of reading and books. After some discussion on what our favourite books are, we used a template to help us write our poems. They were all fantastic! Matthew and Harmony used a range of symbols and pages on their voca to write theirs, whilst Poppy and Joe scribed their poems before typing them up.















 We had great fun doing a bit of drama and dressing up to illustrate and perform our poems. They have all been entered into the Ablaze 'Publish your poem' competition so fingers crossed we may have some published poets amidst us!





This week we have been writing noisy onomatopoeia sound poems in which the students enjoyed going on a sound hunt to inspire them. Our poems are full of noisy sounds such as the’ brmm’ of a car, the bang of a drum, the ‘whizz’ of a firework and the’ weow’ ‘weow’ of a rock guitar! We hope to display our finished poetry outside the outreach classroom at the end of the topic so keep an eye out.