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ICT Assessments Provided By Claremont School 

This service is for students who have a physical impairment and have support from a Physio or Occupational therapist and require an assessment of their education related computer needs.

The use of ICT has become a valuable and integral tool in supporting teaching and learning for educators and students of all ages.  A disability can make using a standard computer difficult or uncomfortable.  A computer or piece of Information Technology can assist with learning or communication. 

Part IV of the Disability Discrimination Act, amended by the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act, requires schools, colleges and universities to ensure that they do not discriminate against disabled people. 

Claremont School has extensive experience of addressing the ICT needs of pupils through their work with parents, schools, Local authorities, the Bristol Communications Aids Service and other professionals working with the children and young adults. 

The Assessment 

The ICT assessment will involve a number of important factors and stages to enable us to find the best possible solution for both the pupils and their environment. 

  • Information gathering prior to an assessment.  This also involves contacting other relevant professionals involved with the student where necessary 
  • Evaluation of the information provided and discussion with the relevant support for the pupil
  • Observation of the pupil at work.
  • Demonstration and exploration of possible solutions.  This may involve hardware, software, high or low tech solutions.
  • Agreement on solutions with all concerned.  This may involve an element of target setting and agreed support for successful implementation. 
  • One follow up visit (at the school’s request) within 12 months of the initial assessment to monitor progress and re-evaluate the solution. (optional) 

Post Assessment Report 

This report will give detail on the individual, the assessment process, the solutions explored and a comprehensive list of recommendations (with costing and sourcing for any equipment recommended).  

It will also include strategies for support and will outline what is necessary to ensure successful implementation.  This could include targets that could be linked to a pupil’s individual learning plans if requested.   

Post Assessment Visit 

Claremont offer a review of provision approximately 6 - 12 months after the equipment solution has been received and installed for the pupil’s use.  This involves looking at how the pupil is using the equipment and software and if indeed the pupil is receiving the maximum benefit from their ICT.  Any adjustments of equipment and additional educational strategies for maximising the potential of the ICT solution can be given at this time. 


Claremont recommends that any ICT assessment is carried out at the pupil’s place of education.  Occasionally, where this is not always possible, a home visit may be considered. 


Full assessment; 1 visit, a report and a return visit within 12 months of the initial visit - £350 plus travel

For 1 visit and a report - £225 plus travel

For more information about the ICT support service please contact Claremont School via email:  claremont.sp@bristol-schools.uk or telephone: 01173533622

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