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Health & Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of both students and staff is of prime importance at Claremont School.

Georgia Cochrane is Claremont School's Health & Wellbeing Lead. The Health & Wellbeing Lead is part of the strategic leadership team.

The health care of our students at Claremont is coordinated by the school’s Health and Wellbeing Lead, supported by School Health Care Assistants.  The Health and Wellbeing Lead works with school staff, parents, carers and other health care professionals to try and ensure all our students health needs are met while they are in school.

The Health and Wellbeing Lead will ensure that that an appropriate School Health Care Plan has been written in conjunction with parents and other professionals.  The class team will follow this plan to ensure all students health needs are met while they are in school.  If the student is known to the Lifetime Service it is usually appropriate to follow this plan while in school.  We aim to update School Health Care Plans each year but these will need to be changed more frequently if health needs change.

The Health & Wellbeing Lead coordinates health related training for staff, to ensure they have a full understanding of individual students particular requirements.

A number of health professionals hold clinics at Claremont.  This includes staff from the Bristol Eye Hospital, Paediatric Dieticians and various Community Paediatricians.  The Health and Wellbeing Lead or a member of her team can support families at some of these clinics.  She can also attend specialist meetings held at Bristol Children’s Hospital to support families whilst also representing the school in discussions about your child’s health

The Health and Wellbeing Lead is available to discuss any health-related concerns you may have and can arrange a meeting in school or at home if required.

To contact Georgia please email georgia.cochrane@claremontbristol.org.uk or call 0117 3533622.

School Health Nurses

School Health Nurses, as Public Health Nurses, are based at Southmead House.  They can support the school with delivering aspects of public health care.  When students reach the age of 5 years old, they may be entitled to free continence products (usually 4 pads per day).  At this time the school can make a referral to the School Health Nurses who will organise assessment and supply of the most appropriate products for the student.  They may also be able to provide support for social and emotional health concerns, advice and signposting for parenting difficulties, as well as advice and support for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and advice and support for children and young people with additional health needs, EHCPs and disabilities.

In the first instance we suggest families talk to the class teacher, Claremont Family Link Worker or the Health and Wellbeing Lead as they may be able to provide the support and advice you require. 

If the school team cannot help you, they can make a referral to the School Health Nurses on families behalf or families can contact the nurses on: 0300 1245816