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Governor Committee Structure

The structure of the Governing Body

Our formal Instrument of Government states that the Governing Body comprises:

  • Two parent governors, elected by parents

  • One Local Authority governor, appointed by Bristol City Council

  • One staff governor, elected by staff

  • Seven co-opted governors, appointed by the Governing Body for their particular skills

  • The Headteacher.

The way we work

The Chair of Governors is currently Graham Symonds (Co-opted Governor, re-appointed as the Chair in September 2021) and the Vice Chair is currently Mark Dillon (Co-opted Governor, re-appointed as the Vice Chair in September 2021).

The Governing Body agreed in October 2021 a Strategic Plan to steer its work in the period October 2021 - August 2024

The full Governing Body meets termly (six times per year).  At its first meeting in the academic year the Full Governing Body reaffirms its Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct. There is an annual meeting schedule for the current school year.  The Governing Body is supported by a Named Governor for Governing Body Development.

Two committees enable more detailed scrutiny of specific areas.  These are: 

Planning and Co-ordination - To scope, prioritise and decide on the most effective and efficient way in which required governing body work can be undertaken.

Resources - Finance, staffing, the site, buildings and other operational matters. Their work is supported by Named Governors for Health & Safety, Site Redevelopment and Information Management.

Committees meet around five times a year. Other committees, panels and working groups are appointed for single, specific purposes including scrutiny of learning and curriculum matters, safeguarding, health & well-being, equalities and stakeholder engagement. 

Further details of committee membership are available hereOur meeting attendance register for 2021-22 is available here.

Governors’ Business and Pecuniary interests are available here