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Quick Links

Claremont Special


This page will give you some ideas and tips on how to carry out some of the things we do at school daily.

More ideas will be added.

1. Our friends at Barnsley Communcation aids service have made some really quick and simple videos to show us how. Click the link below to find out more:

Simple Communication techniques and tips

 2. Makaton resources - Here is the link to the Makaton website where there are a range of free resources that you may find useful. Remember we only use the signs at school not the symbols.

Makaton Free Resources

3. Singing Hands - Suzanne and Tracy have an enthusiastic approach to the world of singing and Makaton.

Sign and Sign With Suzanne and Tracy

4. Story Massage Programme - A fun interactive way to combine storytelling and positive touch. Join in with their Live sessions on Facebook

Story Massage on Facebook

5. Makaton Story - A Makaton story a day. Lovely for early years children.

Makaton Stories