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ICT Training Courses

Claremont Training offers a range of ICT Training courses to parents/carers, Staff and other Professionals.


"Installed on over half a million computers worldwide, Clicker is the award-winning literacy tool that enables students of all abilities to significantly develop their reading and writing skills." from cricksoft website

 Clicker 7 is a software tool designed to support students of all abilities, and to improve their standards of reading and writing. So many more new features within Clicker 7 to support students and for teachers to provide personalised literacy within the curriculum.

Learn how to create - Clicker Boards - built in planning tools for students to plan their writing ideas in pictures and text.

Learn how to create - Voice notes - pupils can records their own voices to prepare ideas for writing

Learn how to - Create Clicker sets - With easy to use editing tools

More pictures, accessibility options, children's voices, advanced word prediction and Use @ Home.

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In Print 3 is a flexible symbol-supported desktop publishing package for creating symbol resources, such as books, worksheets, newsletters and posters.  It provides symbol support for literacy and language, creating a symbol environment, as well as meeting individual needs.

In Print 3 is supplied with 17,000 symbols in colour and black and white from the Widgit Literacy Symbol Set.  Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) can be purchased as an Add-on.

Over 140 templates enable the user to create books, flashcards, games, rewards, comprehension and much more.

This one day course will provide hands-on training to use this software programme.  Suitable for parents, school staff, therapists, nursery nurses etc.

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