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 Welcome to Claremont Training

Since Claremont training began we have trained over 1000 professionals, parents/carers accessing high quality expertise with excellent feedback.

Claremont Training offers a Training Menu to support students with Physical Difficulties and their families within the South West and Nationally (including school staff and other professionals)

Claremont Training offers:

  • Quality SEN/Mainstream Educational Training
  • Advice/Consultancy and Support
  • Dedicated Training Room
  • Networking

Feedback from participants

     “Excellent presenter, made us feel welcome, listened and replied to questions and didn't make us feel inadequate or intimidated" Parent                                                                                          

     “Enjoyable and rewarding, yet effective” Class teacher

     “I feel I have new friends and colleagues. We all enjoyed it and laughed a lot!” Learning Support Assistant

claremont training room

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