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Equalities Information

Claremont School Equalities Statement

Claremont School welcomes a diverse population of both students and staff. In order to consolidate and build upon this diversity, it is essential that equality of opportunity and the absence of unfair discrimination be at the core of all the school’s activities.

The school recognises the link between equality and quality and will not unfairly discriminate in the recruitment or general treatment of staff or students on the basis of any factor which is not relevant to achievement. 

In accordance with the our values we pledge to:

  • respect the equal human rights of all our pupils and to educate them about equality
  • respect the equal rights of our staff and other members of the school community
  • comply with relevant legislation and implement school plans in relation to equality. 

The school is committed to promoting and developing equality of opportunity in all its functions and will seek to do this by communicating its commitment to equality and diversity to all members of the school community;

  • communicating where responsibility lies for equality issues;
  • providing training for decision-makers and briefings for staff and students;
  • maintaining mechanisms for implementation, monitoring, evaluation and review;
  • taking positive action and positive discrimination where deemed appropriate to redress any under-representation of particular sub-groups in the workforce;
  • treating acts of discrimination as a disciplinary offence;
  • consulting with trade unions, (both internally and externally), interested groups and
  • individuals, internal and external.


The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that:

the school complies with the relevant equality legislation;

the school Equality Statement and its procedures are followed. 

The headteacher is responsible for:

making sure the school Equality Statement and its procedures are followed;

taking appropriate action in cases of harassment and discrimination, including racial bullying, homophobic bullying and bullying related to gender or disability;

dealing with reports of hate-incidents. 

The equalities lead is responsible for:

making sure the race, disability and gender equality plans are up to date and readily available and that the governors, staff, pupils, and their parents and carers know about them;

producing regular information for staff and governors about the plans and how they are working;

making sure all staff know their responsibilities and receive training and support in carrying these out. 

All staff are responsible for:

  • dealing with racist, homophobic and other hate-incidents;
  • being able to recognise and tackle inappropriate bias and stereotyping;
  • promoting equal opportunities and good race relations;
  • avoiding discrimination against anyone for reasons of ethnicity, disability or gender;
  • staff will act in accordance with the equalities policies and expectations of the school and the school will enable the staff to have opportunities to familiarise themselves with them. 

In compliance with the Equalities Act 2010 we track vulnerable groups closely and aim  to make the governing body representative of the school and local community. 

All visitors and contractors will be expected to comply with and follow our Equality Scheme.

Equalities Data Statement  2015-2016

 Our data shows that

  • a comparable BME group showed small  improvement in both communication and cognition.
  • a very small difference in boys cognition
  • there is no significant difference in the achievement of different ethnic groups in communication,
  • 2016-2017 SDP continues to focus on inclusion and learning outside the classroom