Claremont School

Claremont School wins an award

We are very excited by the news that Claremont School has just achieved the Gold Artsmark Award! Artsmark is an award that aims to recognise exceptional quality in the teaching and provision of the Arts in a school. This needs to happen across the board in all areas, dance, art, drama, music, sculpture and music technology. It requires us to focus on how we have provided art in the past and how we will do so in the future. 

Steve as Creative Arts lead teacher, has been working on highlighting this for the last four years and it is a testament to the fantastic work that all the students and staff at Claremont have done, that we have received such prestigious recognition. 

 The following comments were made about our submission -

  • It is clear that good practice in the use of the arts with students, both with physical and learning difficulties, has been long established in your setting.  Your development of individual learning pathways follows through on your commitment to pupil voice and choice.
  • You are breaking new ground in the use of ICT, contributing to research and disseminating your understanding to other settings.
  • The challenge or you, going forward, will be to advocate and influence even moer widely over time and, whenever possible, to use your pupils as ambassadors for the benefits that flow when the Arts harness the power of technology.

Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award! Well done everyone. 😀